Humanizing the insurance industry in Mexico

Crabi is the first neo-insurer in Mexico. We are a full-stack car insurance company that operates all over Mexico, providing honest, transparent, and simple car insurance policies.

The company is based in Guadalajara, Jalisco with a distributed team all over Mexico, and is approved by the government “CNSF” & backed by top-tier reinsurer Swiss-re.

The insurance industry is broken, it hasn’t changed for more than 40 years. Current offerings consist of rigid products with several layers of middlemen, which provide unclear coverage for high costs and a terrible experience.

We created Crabi because we believe that the industry has to be drastically improved, with an honest product that provides a great user experience.

Cristina Carvallo
Javier Orozco
Arnoldo de la Torre
Crabi is headquartered in Guadalajara and operates across Mexico.
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