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Open Banking pioneer transforming the Brazilian financial system

Guiabolso is the fintech transforming the Brazilian financial system by pioneering Open Banking, to bring the benefits of open data access and analytics to millions of consumers and a fast-growing number of corporate customers.

Launched in 2014, the Guiabolso app has a huge amount of granular financial data about its millions of users, powering consumer solutions of consolidated financial management, an in-app curated product marketplace and instant payment capabilities, while providing product partners access to unique segmenting and scoring capabilities. In addition, Guiabolso is the only company in Brazil with a fully launched and calibrated end-to-end Open Banking solution for B2B clients, going beyond just bank account data aggregation to offer modular value-add solutions such as advanced analytics, a white-label marketplace, and personal financial management features.

The company was founded by Thiago Alvarez and Benjamin Gleason, two friends who met at McKinsey and aspired to use innovative technology and a focus on consumer impact to improve the lives of Brazilians and transform the financial system.

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Guiabolso is headquartered in São Paulo and operates across Brazil.
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