Connecting passengers to bus companies for the best travel experience

Guichê Virtual is the leader on bus travel online sales in Brazil. Created in 2013, its mission is to connect passengers with bus companies through its own marketplace. The company is revolutionizing the way people travel, making possible for customers to find travel destinations effortlessly, while bus companies can connect with them online.

In the second year of operation, Guichê Virtual reached break-even point, and a year later partnered with Kaszek Ventures. In 2017, the company acquired G&M Soluções (NetViagem) a company specialized in technologies for bus travel. In 2018, launched Guichê Pass, an innovative solution for bus ticket sales to the B2B market.

Our goal is to create the best travel experience with maximum convenience through innovation, proprietary technology and integration.

Thiago Carvalho
Rodrigo Barbosa
Halyson Valadão
Guiche Virtual is headquartered in São Paulo Dos Campos and operates across Brazil.
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