Enabling private credit originators and investors to thrive

Kanastra builds the world’s best fintech infrastructure for private credit funds and securitizations, based in Brazil.

Brazil has one of the most sophisticated markets for private credit, securitizations, and asset-back facilities worldwide, with very mature regulations and deep pools of capital in the space. But the infrastructure serving these facilities is extremely poor – excel or legacy systems, fragmented service providers, poor customer service.

Kanastra is a tech-driven, one-stop-shop for FIDCs, CRIs, CRAs, CRs, and asset-backed debentures. Through technology and financial services, Kanastra offers efficiency, agility, and visibility to originators and investors, with a portfolio of services including fund management and administration, securitization issuance and management, custody, escrow and payment accounts, CCBs and commercial notes issuance, and more

Gustavo Mapeli
Manuel Netto
Kanastra is headquartered in Uberlândia and has offices in São Paulo
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