Providing unique biotechnologies to seek and destroy multi-resistant bacteria

According to WHO in 2050 no antibiotics will be effective to fight against bacterial infections for human health. Currently, more than 70% of antibiotics are used in the livestock industry, generating several multidrug resistant bacteria that are spread to humans through water and food, causing a huge public health problem.

We are PhageLab, a Latam based biotech company, with 10 years of experience, dedicated to the development of high throughput diagnostics and unique phage-based applications to seek and destroy multidrug resistant bacteria in the livestock industry.

In Human health, the most common antibiotic resistant illness are the women’s urinary tract infections, that concentrate the 15% of the prescribed antibiotics. The team is working in an extraordinary phage based technology to control and prevent bacterial related urinary infections and in other massive problems associated with bacteria as well.

Hans Pieringer
Nicolás Ferreira
Pablo Cifuentes
Phage is headquartered in Chile and has operations in Brazil, US and Spain.
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