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Revolutionizing the market for home renters, buyers and sellers with a tech

QuintoAndar is a digital housing platform that employs technology and data to offer a direct, simple and transparent experience for people searching for a home and those with one to sell or rent.

It allows renters and buyers to search listings with high quality photos, schedule visits and close the deal completely online, with no bureaucracy at all. Tenants are not required to offer cumbersome guarantees while buyers have more transparency all through the buying process.

Landlords are covered by Proteção QuintoAndar, making sure they will receive rent on time, regardless of the tenant paying on time and that the property is covered for damages up to 50 thousand reais. Sellers enjoy the platform’s assistance and transparency that increases property liquidity and reduces deal-closing times.

Gabriel Braga, André Penha
Kaszek QuintoAndar Founder
QuintoAndar is headquartered in São Paulo and operates across Brazil.
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