Allowing our customers to expand globally without financial service limitations

Remessa Online is Brazil’s leading digital platform for international transfers, it enables people and companies to send money abroad or receive amounts in foreign currency in an accessible, fast, secure, and reliable way.

The fintech was created in August 2016, and has since served more than hundreds of thousands of users and has handled billions in transactions, carried out in more than 100 countries.

The company has developed proprietary technology for onboarding, and AML/KYC systems for foreign exchange transactions. In addition, Remessa Online offers solutions for intelligent treasury (DVP) and direct integration with international payment systems for transfers, payments, and investments.

We are constantly striving for a better consumer experience, with improved efficiency and lower costs.

Alexandre Liuzzi
Fernando Pavani
Marcio William
Stefano Milo
Remessa is headquartered in São Paulo and operates across Brazil.
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