Reimagining financial services, changing the life of every company in Latam.

Xepelin is a Latin American fintech company that aims to be the leading B2B digital bank in Latam. Thousands of businesses use Xepelin to manage their finances and we’re proud to serve SMBs from all regions and industries in Mexico and Chile, helping founders, managers and their teams stay focused on what they care about most: operating their business.

The product is a SaaS tool where they can organize their financial information in real-time. Embedded within the product teams can apply for short term working capital loans with just three clicks, and receive the capital in a matter of hours, not only giving them access to financing, but doing it in an agile way.

Sebastián Kreis
Nicolas de Camino
Carlos Veloso
Diego Contreras
Felipe Puntarelli
Guillermo Molina
Xepelin has it's HQ in Santiago and operates in Chile and Mexico
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